Internationally Certified Professional Coach, Author, Speaker

Coach, Author, Speaker



Dr. Lynda Reid's coaching will stretch your thinking, allowing you to break through your blind spots and stimulate new insights. Her neuroscience-based coaching strategies support you in turning your insights into manageable actions that foster positive, dynamic change.

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Dr. Lynda Reid's work and research created the foundation for her book, "the little book of MORE: the evolution of YOU." She is a  member of the Forbes Coaches Council and a regular contributor to You can also follow her thoughts and reflections posted here on her blog page.


Life Coach, Speaker, Leadership & Business Coach, Author

Dr. Lynda Reid's TEDx talks, keynote speeches, presentations, and workshops are personalized to meet your team, business, and organizational needs. Dr. Reid travels internationally to serve as a TEDx and keynote  speaker as well as facilitate workshops for groups and businesses looking to move beyond their status quo. motivational speaker

The Why Behind Dr. Lynda Reid, LLC

NBC Palm Springs Desert Living host, Bryan Gallo and Lynda discuss her background and why she rebranded to 'Own' her own name.





Member of the Parkinson's Resource Organization's Wellness Village

The Wellness Village is a dynamic resource directory where people afflicted with Parkinson's or other neurological disorders visit to find vital information - services, products, and professional contacts - to enhance their well-being and ensure their highest quality of life.  I am honored to serve the community by sharing my expertise through presentations, articles, webinars, and individual coaching. 

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Member of wiseHER's Expert Panel of Coaches

wiseHer's mission is to help individuals accelerate their business,  career, or life by providing 1:1 access to experts, resources,  education, and funding opportunities.  I am excited to coach women seeking to expand their potential and use my coaching to serve in wiseHER's latest program focused on supporting our Healthcare Heroes. 

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"thinking more deeply about my role"

"thinking more deeply about my role"

"thinking more deeply about my role"

Dr. Lynda Reid helped me make the transition into thinking more deeply about a role I already had, but I had under-invested my focus on and she challenged me on new ways of leading people. Over time Dr. Reid engaged with me to discuss my position in depth and guided me to a point where I was able to think about how to share my thoughts and strategies with my peers and my leaders. I have benefited immensely from her time and expertise and her professional retreats are not only fun, but also it just might be an eye opener for your staff!

Anthony S. Clarke, HR Manager & Sales Associate,
British Virgin Islands, Sotheby’s International Realty

"creating comfort around change"

"thinking more deeply about my role"

"thinking more deeply about my role"

My work with Lynda was in the area of team building and motivating change. Working with compassion, creativity and humor she was able to move even the most entrenched team member to see opportunities rather than challenges. She is always well prepared and is innovative in her approach to creating comfort around change and collective ambition. She's a true professional who leads by example: demonstrating integrity, risk-taking and absolute honesty.

Catrin Owen, Senior Consultant, Calder Bateman Communications Edmonton, Alberta, Canada